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Thanks for looking me up. This is Wayne.  Been a ham since 1996 but off the air for 8 years, 2002-2010, ever since I started my business. Things have settled down at work so now I can rejuvenate my old hobby.

How it happened: I lived in NY in high school and was a novice there in the 60’s at age about 15. Never successfully got on the air: no elmer, and back then you could be a novice 1 year, then upgrade or out. Althought I loved radio and SWL, I also discovered cars and girls long about that time and ham radio was over for me till 1996,nrly 50. I rediscovered SWL after reading a column in the local paper and soon got the hots to be a ham again. One day I accidentally drove past Ham Radio Outlet, which I didn’t know was there, and wandered in. Soon, I was outfiited and licensed and now I’m having fun with radio again. I was working DX, WAS and qrp a lot but in 2002 I started a business and went off the air (as did practically all my hobbies) till Jan 2010 when my new years resolution was not to work all the time and restart fond old hobbies. Now I’m relearning CW, regaining old skills and developing new skills and knowledge, getting interested in QRO instead of QRP, and working more DX.

Now reside in Decatur (Atlanta), Georgia and have a cabin in western North Carolina mountains where I am setting up an HF station. I am an engineer and business owner (sustainability consulting) and besides ham radio I enjoy bicycling, hiking, and canoeing.  Tweet @k4wk and blog at  Come and visit.

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